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Are you there for your customers?

have a question for you. Are you there for your customers?

I don’t mean, do you show up for work every day? That’s a given, an implicit agreement. That’s the bare minimum.

I don’t even mean, do you have a customer service process that works? That’s also the price of entry: it’s how you stay in business.

What I’m talking about is bigger than customer service. It’s an opportunity to go beyond the minimum, to expand your income and your impact.

It’s an attitude.

Have you had an experience with a business that was stellar, truly outstanding? Almost all of us have. The interaction left you feeling cared for, really seen, right? And will you mention that experience and that company to your friends? Sure you will!

That’s the attitude I’m talking about. One that creates an outstanding experience for your customer.

Think about what “I have your back” when it comes to customers would mean for your business. It’s an attitude of curiosity, openness, caring, and learning what’s important for them.

If you’re focused on having impact with your business, on being your awesome self, on contributing, on making the world a better place with your business, you’re also focused on helping your customer have the impact they want to have.

Here are some examples:

You extend your business hours if they have a pressing issue.
You ship product to them more quickly if they have a sudden jump in demand.
You find ways to share information and contacts with them that you know will be helpful.
You respond with encouragement if they’re doing something new.
You reach out when you know your customer is going through a tough time personally, maybe with a health issue, or in their business, to see how they’re doing and offer your presence.
You act as if this relationship is the most important thing to you in this moment.
That doesn’t mean you trample all over your own boundaries and others’ just to please a customer. You and your business have to have boundaries to survive and be sustainable. I’m talking about a mature, adult relationship with people who matter to you. You care, and you’re willing to show it in ways that nurtures everyone.

An attitude of, “I’m here for you” means:

You build trust
That increased trust builds stronger connection, which ultimately leads to…
More sales and
More referrals and
A more deeply fulfilling experience for your customer and for you
Expanding your impact!
The great thing is that an attitude of “I’m here for you” doesn’t just go one way, towards the customer. You benefit too, personally and professionally. You feel more connected, you trust yourself more, you feel more deeply fulfilled. It’s an all-around positive for everyone.
You can even extend this attitude to all the people who are so important in helping you deliver what you do in your business: team members and even suppliers. Everyone that helps nurture and grow your business.

Next time you have an opportunity, consider how an attitude of “I’m here for you” changes what you do and say.

Are you there for your customers? If you are, you’ll have more income and more impact.

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